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Katherine Kreutziger  

Artist, Illustrator, & Designer

2213 Golden Street SW,

Wyoming, Michigan  49519    

616-538 8 ART     –     (616)-538-8278

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Special order art is available upon request for your home, children’s room, office, gifts, or special occasions.  I can create your special and unique painting or drawing.  I can create that special landscape, waterscape, wildlife, still life, portraits of people, pet portraits, etc. to fit your decor.  Your picture could be an oil painting, water color painting, prisma color pencils drawing, pastels drawing, colored pencil drawing, pen & ink drawing, charcoal drawing, or a mixed media painting or drawing.  I will give you an estimate for your special artwork.  I have been painting and drawing for many years and have numerous examples you can look at.


If you have a specific idea of the picture you want me to create, I will need any pictures you have depicting the person, place, or any ideas you have in your mind.   Price varies due to size, the complexity of the picture, and media used for your picture.  When you bring your art ideas, we will need to decide on the size, media, and pictorial concept of your artwork.  An estimate will be given to you at that time or I may need to talk to you later about pricing.  An advance of ½ the price is due prior to starting your picture.  If you have a specific time you need it by, please let me know, for it may have an impact on the price I will be charging.  An approximate completion time will be set when the order has been placed and the advance paid.  The balance for the artwork is due when you pick up your picture.  Frames are not included in the price.  The artist retains copyrights to all art work.

In addition to special order fine art, I have a variety of paintings, drawings and fine crafts that I have already created.  You can come to my gallery to see what I have already done that will fit your decor.

Take your time and look at the artwork I have created for individuals and for sale.

Call (616) -538 8 ART     =      (616) -538 8278   If you have any questions, or to make an appointment about your art needs.

Thank you,    Kathy Kreutziger