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Katherine Kreutziger  

Artist, Illustrator, & Designer

2213 Golden Street SW,  Wyoming, MI 49519    

 616-538 8 ART   –  616 538 8278

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Art By New Life Studio is committed to giving you original and fresh ideas on ways to promote your business, organization, Church, products, or events.

Your Print Ready ideas can be created with oil painting, water colors, prisma color pencil drawings, pastels drawings, colored pencil drawings, pen & ink drawings, charcoal drawings, or with mixed media.  I will give you an estimate for your special project.  I have been creating business related promotional items for many years and have numerous examples you can look at.  If you have a specific idea you want me to use, I will develop that idea for you.

Prices varies due to size, the complexity of the project and media used.

An estimate will be given to you at that time or I may need to talk to you later about pricing.  If you have a specific time you need it by, please let me know, for it may have an impact on the price.

Call  (616) -538- 8 ART       (616)-538-8278  If you have any questions,or to make an appointment about your art needs.

I  graduated from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I specialized in Illustration and Design.

Art by New Life Studio provides the following services:


Audi-Visual Art


Business Cards

Children’s Illustration

Coloring Books


Graphic Designs


Illustrations of People, Objects, Fashions, Animals, Products, Etc.

Interior Signs and Sign Design



Magazine Illustrations and Layouts


Message art  



Product Literature

Specialized cards for special events such as Anniversaries, Announcements, Birth Announcements, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Expansion, Moving, Wedding Invitations, Etc.

Stationary, Letterheads, and Enevolopes

Please contact me if you have any questions or to make an appointment.  Visit the rest of the web site to view samples of illustrations and fine art.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you on promoting your business, organization, Church, products, or events.

Thank You,

Kathy Kreutziger